Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RE/MAX Realty Group 2011 Wine Tour

Check out a few pictures from the RE/MAX Realty Group 2011 Wine Tour.  Four different wineries were visited and a good time was had by all!

 Departing from the Harleysville office in the morning

 Sand Castle Winery in Erwinna, PA

 Wine tasting at Sand Castle Winery

Crossings Vineyard 

 Buckingham Valley Vineyards in Buckingham, PA
 Wycombe Vineyards in Furlong, PA

Kinya relaxing after a glass of wine.

Thanks to Cindy Manero for the use of her beautiful photos!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feeling Left Behind?

As I was driving down the road the other day listening to some commentary on the news channel, I heard an interview with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company talk about the importance of innovation within his industry.  He discussed how the company's strong commitment to innovating and reinventing their product has helped them maintain their #1 ranking in customer service and market share for nearly four decades.

The term innovation derives from the Latin word innovatus, which is the noun form of innovare "to renew or change"

When many of us picture innovation, we think technology or product development.  Some brainiac engineer in the back tweaking and mixing chemicals to produce the next world's greatest idea.

Innovation though is the result of small strides taken daily by each of us and it is just as important in the real estate industry as in any other industry in the country.  To see innovation at work, look at Google.  They give their employees 20% of the work week to engage themselves in whatever project they want to, whether it is within their day-to-day scope of focus or not.  Look at a Realtor
® delivering contracts digitally so a purchase offer contract can be executed by a wife on a business trip in Asia and a husband traveling in California.  

So what can you do to innovate and invigorate your business?
  • Work "on" your business - So many of us spend our days working "in" our business.  Running around chasing the issues of the day.  It is imperative that you have time to reflect "on" your business.  Take some time, say every 6 months, to take a step back and analyze what is working and what is not working.  This is innovation at work.  Small tweaks here and there in pursuit of success.
  • Try a new marketing idea - perhaps you have been mailing a newsletter or calendar to your clients for five years.  Maybe send them a personal note or instead of a monthly newsletter you decide to throw a party and invite all those on the calendar mailing list.
  • Send a video email - Video marketing certainly looks as if it is here to stay.  Why not try to send a video response to an email inquiry instead of the same old same old canned response.
The key here is try something different and new.  By now, we should all know Albert Einstein's definition of insanity.  Yet, so often in our business we practice the art daily without ever realizing it.  Constantly expecting different results, while we stick to our old tricks.

Before the end of the year, try something new.  Commit to it and enjoy the results.  Remember, progress is achieved through change.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Past KW Star: 'That Balloon's Tough Competition'

Past KW Star: 'That Balloon's Tough Competition' 

By Amanda Okker, RE/MAX Editor
Posted 9/27/11 

Brad Kuhns led the No. 1 team at his former Keller Williams office for seven years, competing against top RE/MAX agents in Florida's Brevard County.

"It's tough to compete with that big balloon," Kuhns says. So when his team felt their existing brokerage model getting "stale," they decided, "instead of trying to beat RE/MAX, we should join 'em."

In July, the team of five moved to RE/MAX Elite in Melbourne.

Kuhns says the Keller Williams model focuses more on agent count than production, and that's tough for highly productive agents to get behind. At RE/MAX, his team is enjoying new energy and the motivation of working alongside other top professionals who are focused on helping people buy and sell homes.

"Now we're with the No. 1 agents at the No. 1 real estate company," Kuhns says. "That can't be oversold."

Kuhns' team has been impressed with the leadership, camaraderie and support at their new office, and the many tools and resources available to them.

They're enjoying the "awesome and easy to use" RE/MAX Design Center, Kuhns says. When it comes to RE/MAX University, he can't imagine what education or designation isn't offered (He earned the CDPE soon after joining). Add to that the leads the team received through LeadStreet in their first month, and Kuhns knows they made the right move.

He says they look forward to setting the bar higher than ever through their Short Sale, REO and conventional transaction divisions, and their cause marketing efforts.

"Everything that was promised, and more, is here," Kuhns says. "Agents who think RE/MAX won't work for them would be better served by at least talking to someone. I'm so glad I did."


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