Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dawn of a New Era?

Did you ever stop to think just how much our industry has changes over the past fifteen years or so?  True, probably a question nearly every industry can ask themselves, but think how much information a consumer has access to in the real estate world today compared to just fifteen or even ten years ago.  What makes this really interesting (well for us real estate geeks anyway), is the majority of Realtor's® started their career when we controlled the information with listing books, map books, etc.  Imagine, the consumer came to us to find out all the information!  We’re talking BZ time (Before Zillow).

Well, obviously times have changed, but what is staggering is the number of Realtors® that have not changed with the times.  This represents an enormous opportunity for those that embrace the change and learn to grow their business (dare we say it).  Consumers can see and feel the different between those that have not only accepted the change and those that have failed to progress.

For starters, when working with your seller’s it is critical to discuss the importance of technology.  Remember, any consumer who has not been in the market to buy or sell over the past fifteen years or so, never really heard the term “buyer agency” and certainly didn’t set-up their own search on a website complete with daily property updates emailed right to them.  Think and discuss with your client what you do to increase page views.  With the quantity and quality of pictures and virtual tours, the first showing actually occurs online.  By the time a buyer walks through the home, they are on their second showing.  Want a shameless plug?  Call us for more ideas to help tweak your listing presentation to stay ahead of the technology!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RE/MAX Agents- Driven People, Ambitious Goals, High Achievment

SELECTIVE LEADER: Dave Liniger, along with the RE/MAX Balloon, appears on the cover of the June edition of RISMedia's Real Estate magazine.

The key to RE/MAX success is attracting ambitious people and providing them with tools to maximize results, Dave Liniger says in a cover story in the June edition of RISMedia's Real Estate magazine.
"RE/MAX isn't for everyone. We don't have downlines or profit sharing, and we're not a safe haven for part-timers or unmotivated individuals," the RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder says in the five-page article, headlined "RE/MAX: Driven People, Ambitious Goals, High Achievement." "But for agents and brokers who want to be the best and are willing to do the work it takes, our system offers unique competitive advantages that can help make it happen."
That approach has led to 13 years of No. 1 status in the U.S., an even longer run in Canada, and similar market-leading results in many other countries. And it all begins with the quality of the people involved. As the article states, "Being the best - and saying it boldly - has been a foundation of the RE/MAX network since the very start. It's not about arrogance; it's about making a full-time commitment to the profession in a way that produces results and lifts the industry."
For the rest of the article visit: RE/MAX Article Dave Liniger

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Makin' Hay, While the Sun Shines

I am always amazed at how much actually gets done in the spring and summer months.  It seems to me, virtually every industry (short of retail stores, think Black Friday) cranks it up when the winter finally breaks.  We all know the farmers are making hay, the movies are stockpiling their big releases, and of course we real estate professionals are out there cranking it up.

Busy times are definitely fun, but can be stressful as well.  While the business is coming in and things are looking up, we all have a tendency to forget about the daily grind that produces these great results.  Try to stay disciplined and carve out a time to maintain your lead generation.  It doesn't matter whether you are calling your network, calling open house leads, sending postcards, sending magnets, whatever it is you do, you've got to be consistent with it.

The busy times can be the hardest times for us to be consistent.  Long days of showing, listing, and negotiating can drain our battery a bit.  This is completely understandable, but you'll want to take some steps to avoid this drain.  The more you can systematize your follow-up, the better your results will be.  And remember, a system doesn't mean it is not personal.  A system means you can repeat the action constantly and consistently (like my golf swing, ah, okay wishful thinking, but you get the idea).

You may not be able to implement your system and plan today, but at least begin jotting down notes.  You can use these notes to build your system in the slower times.  And remember, the importance of scheduling time for yourself to relax and recharge can not be understated.