Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How can investors help your business?

CEO: 'Investors Are Busy And You Can Help Them' Posted 4/6/12 In her April column for RISMedia's Real Estate magazine, RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly describes investors as busy in the current market -- and suggests how their increased activity can translate into more business for agents. Here is an excerpt from Kelly's column. Read the full article on Page 52 of the online magazine. "Responsible investors have a major role to play in the real estate recovery – and it could be even greater. Unfortunately, lenders and policymakers seem more focused on the recklessness of fix-and-flippers during the boom times than on the positive aspects of encouraging sound investment right now. "Despite restrictive lending and challenging rules, investors are the prime force moving distressed properties off the market. The clearing of this inventory is a vital step – it could take another two or three years – and rules that make it easier are surely worth considering. "Many of today’s investors are normal people buying a home or two as rental properties. In many ways, their actions benefit everyone, bringing us all closer to a healthy industry. By providing professional assistance to these investors, we can take part in this process as well."